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Barker Consulting specializes in the hardest aspect for any business, acquiring and obtaining new customers for their clients. We do not market, we do not advertise, we deliver sales results as promised, on time, and have over delivered for the past decade. Our separation from all competitors is we promise a lot and deliver even more. Our model is built for change and adaptation, we will never say β€œthis is how we always do things” and that philosophy has allowed us to grow and achieve when many similar companies have failed. Our humility and work ethic are our backbones of our structure and we do not hide that we take a lot of pride in simply outworking our promises to deliver the results our clients asked of us.

Why Choose Us?

We bring high rates of return and increased profit margins. Representing multi-billion dollar clients in industries in the telecom and 5G tech sector, Barker Consulting goes above and beyond for its clients and delivers quality customers along with effective and organic leadership into other markets.

Come Walk With Us

Our team sets an example with integrity and results. Learn how you can be an example with a growing team.